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William "Rocky" Pataky - Owner

Rocky has 30+ years of experience in the home improvement industry. 

From 1980-1983 Rocky was operations manager at Nationwide Power Corp. in Pompano Beach, FL. He handled 14 solar water heating stations throughout Florida and one in Orange County, CA.

In 1983 He acquired Best Windows & Screens. During the first year sales were boosted from $500,000 to over $1.2 million dollars. He continued to run a successful business until 2008 when Rocky and his family relocated from Florida to Texas. In 2009 he worked as a sales Manager for Champion Windows, and did that for nearly 5 years. In 2014 he became manager at Texas Living and in early 2015 Rocky became owner of Texas Living.

Rocky has several certifications in Commercial and Residential Construction. He has developed skills and a deep knowledge of permitting and building codes, construction planning and scheduling, budget analysis, critical path project management, quality control management, safety and compliance management, organization and time management, vendor and material management, and estimating job expenses.